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Cards CreditWish Recommends for a Fair FICO Credit Score
Capital One® Platinum Credit Card
Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

The team has reviewed the best credit card offers for people with fair credit. Some of these credit card offers are from our advertising partners. We have objectively reviewed the features of each card. We ranked our recommendations below based on the benefits to consumers with fair credit.

What is a Fair Credit Score?

If your credit score is between 650 and 659, most credit agencies would rank your credit as fair. A fair credit score is slightly above a poor credit score, but just below a good credit score. Fair credit is sometimes referred to as average credit. There are two reasons for this. Fair credit is in the middle of the score range, and most Americans have fair or average credit.

Why do I have a fair credit score?

New to credit cards? Your fair credit score will improve as you lengthen your credit history responsibly. So open a few credit card accounts, use them regularly, and pay off the entire balance every month. Also, each time you do this, the credit card company will send a positive report to the credit agencies. Your credit score will likely improve each month. Not a new credit user? You may have a fair credit score because of something in your credit history. For example, you may have exceeded your credit limit, missed a payment, or declared bankruptcy. By forming better credit habits, you can work to improve your score over time.

Can I get a credit card with average credit?

Many companies offer at least one credit card for people with average credit. Several options have no annual fee. So make sure that you apply for a credit card designed for consumers in the average credit range to improve your chances of being approved. Fair score credit cards are usually basic cards with average interest rates. The best way to eventually get a low-interest card with lots of perks is to start building your credit where you are. Apply for a credit card for average credit today. Use it each month, then pay off the balance and watch your credit score--and your options--improve over time.