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What are the advantages of having a gas card?

The benefit of having a gas card with a major credit card company is that you can earn awards not only at different gas stations, but for purchases made elsewhere such as at the grocery store. Normally a good gas card will give you 5% on all gas purchases and 1% on all other purchases. As you can imagine gas credit card rewards can add up fast. Many gas card issuers are flexible with how you can redeem your points. Some of the common ways to redeem gas card rewards would be through a cash back check or with gift cards.

With gas prices fluctuating, getting a gas card is an excellent way to offset the cost of high fuel prices. Review different gas card offers before applying. Ask friends and neighbors who have gas cards about the pros and cons. Keep in mind that in the past few years some credit card companies have scaled back their rewards on gas.

Earn Free Gas with Gas Cards

If you own a car one of the largest expenses associated with driving is the cost of fuel. This cost becomes larger the farther a person lives from where they work. Gas reward credit cards are very popular with people that drive more than one hour each day. The average person will buy more than 700 gallons of gas a year. If you find yourself visiting the gas station a few times a week you might want to research the advantages of getting a gas card.

Apply and getting approved for a gas card from one gas station is in most cases not the best idea. Sometimes the restrictions with these gas station credit cards can limit or cap the amount of rewards you can earn. In addition if the gas card is not a major credit card such as a MasterCard or Visa you are only limited to earning rewards at that one gas station chain.

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